Have you ever tried catching a glimpse of the sun?

Snow blindness, arc eye, welder's flash, immediate retaliation. Most shriek, turn their gaze elsewhere, shield their eyes. Most wear shades to shelter themselves from the brightness. Most seek refuge in the shadows, to conceal themselves from the luminous rays. But you, darling, you are too graceful for me to glance away. I would rather blind my vision voluntarily, than to shy astray.

Your eyes are the mirrors between night and day. Your rays flow on to my blank canvas like the strokes of a paintbrush drenched in dazzling shades of vibrant reds and energetic oranges. Your light shines so bright, gladdening the darkest of my days. Your stories inspire me, lighting fires inside my veins. You radiate warmth in places that has never seen a slither of daylight. Your dancing gesticulation thrills me like twirling flames. Since we've met you've installed brightly-colored light-bulbs in my most vacant of caves. You're awareness motivates me to be convalescent. Your desire to protect and cushion secures my darkest insecurities and brings tranquility to my epoch of growth and I thrive in the notion that once I wake up, you'll rise and be by my side again. Your scarlet lips empowering my knowledge. Your ruby-colored hair fluttering beauty into my esse. You are absolutely gorgeous, glamorous, an extremely hot mess.

Sometimes, you allow me to observe you through a personal solar filter. I notice the smolder, the smoke, the discolor, the damage, the pain. While your blistering flickers are fierce and torrid, you are frequently the only one to get burnt by the ugliness of the human brain.

But I make you a promise, my dear, I shall never allow anyone to scorch you again. For now I am here to be your protector, your shield, your safeguard from torture, discomfort and heartache. I'm here to love you unconditionally, regardless the calefaction and dog days.

When I see you walking towards me, I know, little darling, here comes the sun, and when dusk reaches its end, we're safe and sound in our own little tranquil world, together, you keeping me warm, and me keeping you calm until dawn ignites and bring rise to your irresistible flame.

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Updated: Dec 11, 2019

A pink-haired wallflower, I’m melted salmon, and that is all some are allowed to see. But you have noticed me- everyday, at least once. A gentle discovery pricked by your delicate fingers- you can never make me bleed- my rosy bubbles refuse to burst. Flushed flames burn brighter, this feeling wouldn’t ever tire. For it rages much too strong, a sensational sweet burn. Shell-pink tulips stretching towards the sky, a soft warmth among the clouds. You’re like a fairy drenching the sweet air around me with a deep breath of an illuminating sunset fleeting into the ocean. To all these fuscia moments we have shared, in your ballet slipper apparel, my rouge predilection, your hot pink vision, the primrose blush on my cheeks. Magenta glitter shining vibrantly- your grace in billowed crepe petals. Whatever we are, I want this bouquet to be infectious, to automatically surround me, you, and all the others we hold true to their claims. The hues of consistent rose in those that surround us and give growth to the contentment and cheerfulness we share. We ought to be drinking pink champagne every day, to celebrate the faded coral blossoms of our clan. Pink never was my favorite color, but with your presence, I will hold it eternally dear- decorating the floor with luminous rosewood ideas, rooms blossoming, pollen dripping from our being. I definitely only have pink feelings.

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Updated: Dec 31, 2019

This blog post is dedicated to the gorgeous individuals that I am outrageously proud to have in my life at this time. I am so deeply fortunate of the propitious times we have been allowed to share. I’ve never been more providential to title someone as “friend.”

You tend to, without exception, omit what is fragmented and exclusively notice and admire the fair, sometimes dull, flowers in my garden. A rainbow has never been more bright, there has never been as many luminescent starry nights. Your footprints are delicately located in the deepest corners of my existence. You walk me through adventure, I not once suffer suspicion of being alone or forgotten. We’ve gathered no dust, we’re not intend on becoming corroded. We’ve tasted each other’s eagerness, vivacity, and tangled souls. You present me with abundant understanding, you magnify my happiness and absorb my sorrow. You furnish my abandoned depression. You plant vibrant flowers in cavities that’s unknown and unexplored. Their roots are sturdy and powerful, spreading into my core. You’ve provoked an endless youthful giggle, something that I’ve never known to exist in my acknowledged self before. You’ve sunned my tears, you’ve set at ease my tenebrous fears. You refuse to misguide your intentions, you’re strictly grounded in honest proclamation, you don’t show caution when confronted by contrasting objections. We’re envisioned as trees, allowing each other to grow, to progress. We’re embedded and entrenched into a forest of righteousness, trust, and respect.

For as long as I remain awake, I will cherish the blossoms you have taught me to appreciate. For as long as you inhabit the crevasses in my days, I will love you, bashfully, entirely, thoroughly, and I’ll never, ever be ashamed.

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