colorful love 

Updated: May 24, 2020

not luminous as a rainbow

nor vibrant as the sun

faded grays, lifeless yellows

not meant for anyone

black, red, sometimes white

colors belonging to me green, purple, uranian blue

colors absorbed by you contrasting colors in the sphere we breathe always a reminder of you your lips

barely distinguishable from your pale ill skin your freckles

pitch dark, disastrous, burned in your eyes

a notebook somewhere lost or forgotten your tangled, twisted hair

a backpack with broken straps

wasting away in an old suitcase freshly plucked flowers

my candlelit wall your new button up shirt

my blood spiraling down the waterfall the apartment wall we used to share

loneliness, dread and sorrow my mascara running down my cheeks

your heart ;hollow

the shoes a size too big for you

people we once were proud we knew an unwritten page torn out of your journal

your betrayal, like a Judas kiss, beaten up and bruised, surpassed the turmoil the delectable liquor in the cracked crystal in my hand

your moistened papilla that I sink my teeth into, next to my new night-stand weak street light in the night-time sky

lust we partook in so unforced and enthusiastically, sometimes a little shy the burned down, incinerated, plastic Christmas tree

my tattoo'd covered scars I try to hide underneath rusty chunks of worthless copper and gold, our fragile, tormented love, rotten and old your frosted, benumbed hands

regret and rue the day-light sky,

transgress - the colors I'll soon forget, when I make it through

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