Here you will be forced to interpret the thoughts of an anxious, over-thinker, over-dreamer, not very opinionated millennial who, like most, thought that starting a blog would solve all the problems one might come across, but instead discovered that it only provided me with even worse predicaments and troubles. 


If you agree, or disagree with anything I say, let’s converse about it. I’m extremely interested in acquiring knowledge and absorbing your thoughts. But, you’re buying the coffee, because, like I said, I’m a millennial. I’m constantly as poor as a church mouse (but I do own some pretty decent docs). 


In all seriousness though, you should be aware that I don’t have anything to say, or at least, I’m definitely under the impression that whatever I have to say doesn’t matter. Here I am anyway. 

I hope you’re entertained while reading my completely overrated, terribly stretched, mostly boring and tedious, uneducated thoughts- and please feel free to educate when necessary. Life would be a lot better if we teach each other instead of just criticizing and disagreeing. 


Love, or something similar to love,