Actively Busy Confronting Climate Change

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

The present-day circumstances worldwide demands evolution, urges change, and aggressively forces modification and alteration. So why are we refusing to adapt to the hazardous warnings surrounding us?

I have finally scraped together enough courage and energy to write with utmost respect towards: CLIMATE CHANGE!

I am thoroughly aware that there is a voluminous crowd presently trying to raise awareness regarding this cause; but we as humans are busy; and suborn. We have grown so familiar to comfort. In our anxious, tireless lives we occasionally tend to crave tranquility and opulence. To achieve this, we sometimes effortlessly disregard the needs of our environment, and as a result of our distress, whichever form it might take, overlook the impact and consequences or actions we have on the environment. I could spend hours trying to validate my argument and advocate with the use of multiple scientific sources and evident proof. But it has been done and it’s a sad song to sing. A song that has grown weary, one that has been played one too many times. We are all aware of the substantiate attestations. We also know how to take action: go green, use Eco-friendly products, refuse disposable single-use products, focus on reusable products instead... and the economy realizes the urgency of the issue as well; famous businesses like IKEA, McDonald's, and Evian have tried to reduce their carbon footprint, at least visible to the public eye, and a lot of governments are encouraging producers, vendors and retailers to remove single-use products from their stores and daily business. But have you seen the distress our once-gorgeous nature is in lately? We have to engage further, longer, better. It is compulsory to put in more effort and to actively combat climate change, even if it only makes the slightest of an actual difference, before there's no turning back. Some might argue that we've already surpassed the turning point. That we are left to our own fate, one we have brought upon ourselves, just for the convenience of minimizing pressure and strain from our daily lives. But I believe we are still in possession of a slight chance- and we should take it- immediately! The first solution, which is based exclusively on my own perception, would be to stop the glorification of being busy, here and now, without delay. We are so caught up in our daily routines and most of us are constantly on the move, which means we don't really care or notice the immediate solutions to climate change, because, we are simply too distracted by being busy. Some day when you finally slow down, and stop being busy, you'll realize that it wouldn't even mater anymore, busy or not, there will be no purpose, as the world, and everything in it, would be dead. Completely, utterly slaughtered, murdered, extinct! And no one would care about your achievements, not even you. It is also important to take an active role in combating current climate change. Reduce the use of greenhouse gasses and attempting to reduce your carbon footprint. Easier said than done, again, a car is comfortable, a bus is not. An airplane is fast, a boat is not. A scooter is cool, and you can buy a cute accommodating helmet, where as riding a bicycle is sweaty and tiring. Again, we are forced to choose between convenience and a healthy environment, and again, we are selfish people. I'm referring to "we" because I can shamefully relate. I am currently in the market for a scooter, because, my current bus route to work takes an hour longer than swiftly sliding past the traffic in a scooter would. I am however trying to reduce my carbon footprint slightly by saving up for an electric scooter. An electric scooter doesn't emit climate damaging greenhouse gases or health-harming nitrogen oxide, but most run on electricity produced by burning dirty fossil fuels, which takes away the climate benefits. It is however a better option, the best option would naturally be to walk; but it is far, I'm lazy and I refuse to wake up earlier than I necessarily have to. So yes, I comprehend the need for convenience, but we do need to start sacrificing our comfort. Even if it is slowly, in small stages. We need to be proactive. We know why, I don't need to even mention the benefits. Because each and every one of us know why we need to change and what we need to do to achieve this change, we just need to do it. If however, you need more motivation, just open any news outlet web page, or social media app, or just look outside. Currently in Taiwan, where I reside, the air is dark and grey and polluted. I am constantly sick and find it tough to breathe at night when I go to sleep, this should motivate. Australia has been burning to the ground, casualties, burnt animals, a whole country crying. This should motivate. Extreme weather conditions around the world, flood disasters, active volcanoes, fire-tornadoes. This should motivate. Sick children, a decline in world population. This should motivate. And if it doesn't- just type "climate change" into any search engine and see for yourself how the world is dying, and how you are contributing. That's one of the perks of having a smart-phone in this day and age, we can document and record evidence by ourselves; or be informed continuously. Climate change is by no means our only immediate concern. At this stage I honestly don't know what will kill human kind faster, climate change, or humans. Wars, threats, missile launches, obvious horrific, treacherous, and outright evil people in powerful positions. Notice it. Act on it. I might agree that watching Netflix under a blanket with the air conditioner blasting and drinking a can of cola with an easily disposable straw, not having to bend your head, smelling the pizza you just collected from the UberEats driver, sounds glamorous. You know what sounds even better? Animals not burning to death. Too much? Then let's just settle for being able to breathe. I am not here to raise awareness regarding climate change and global warming, you are already aware. You are already suffering from it. I am here to remind you, that you are contributing to it, and you can still alter the outcome we currently encounter. All you have to do is attempt, make an effort, try. Grasp an active stand, or simply commence to crawl. It might be long-overdue, but that doesn't indicate that we should just surrender; because abandoning hope is an effortless and painless choice; the comfortable choice. Rather engage yourself in being busy. Busy fighting climate change. Question it, oppose it, and sure; if you're actually making a difference- feel free to glorify it.

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