Little Scarlet, Scorching Flame, Here Comes The Sun.

Have you ever tried catching a glimpse of the sun?

Snow blindness, arc eye, welder's flash, immediate retaliation. Most shriek, turn their gaze elsewhere, shield their eyes. Most wear shades to shelter themselves from the brightness. Most seek refuge in the shadows, to conceal themselves from the luminous rays. But you, darling, you are too graceful for me to glance away. I would rather blind my vision voluntarily, than to shy astray.

Your eyes are the mirrors between night and day. Your rays flow on to my blank canvas like the strokes of a paintbrush drenched in dazzling shades of vibrant reds and energetic oranges. Your light shines so bright, gladdening the darkest of my days. Your stories inspire me, lighting fires inside my veins. You radiate warmth in places that has never seen a slither of daylight. Your dancing gesticulation thrills me like twirling flames. Since we've met you've installed brightly-colored light-bulbs in my most vacant of caves. You're awareness motivates me to be convalescent. Your desire to protect and cushion secures my darkest insecurities and brings tranquility to my epoch of growth and I thrive in the notion that once I wake up, you'll rise and be by my side again. Your scarlet lips empowering my knowledge. Your ruby-colored hair fluttering beauty into my esse. You are absolutely gorgeous, glamorous, an extremely hot mess.

Sometimes, you allow me to observe you through a personal solar filter. I notice the smolder, the smoke, the discolor, the damage, the pain. While your blistering flickers are fierce and torrid, you are frequently the only one to get burnt by the ugliness of the human brain.

But I make you a promise, my dear, I shall never allow anyone to scorch you again. For now I am here to be your protector, your shield, your safeguard from torture, discomfort and heartache. I'm here to love you unconditionally, regardless the calefaction and dog days.

When I see you walking towards me, I know, little darling, here comes the sun, and when dusk reaches its end, we're safe and sound in our own little tranquil world, together, you keeping me warm, and me keeping you calm until dawn ignites and bring rise to your irresistible flame.

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